List of Best CBSE Schools in Electronic City Bangalore

We are the only CBSE school in Electronic City providing good education with a play-based learning methodology. Our teachers are trained to encourage students who are spontaneous and come up with new ideas. We are the first MySkool school in India to have an outdoor classroom where students can learn biology, astronomy, computer science, or netiquette using real-life examples. Our teachers also encourage the children to use language development kits to improve their vocabulary. Using debate programs, our teachers guide students to become better communicators and help them develop the leadership skills needed to succeed professionally in the future. We invite you and your child to experience a new kind of learning at MySkool. Through our innovative approach, we create opportunities for children to learn, develop and grow with confidence. Like an interactive classroom, our school offers a stimulating environment that looks different from other schools–it’s like a big playground where children truly enjoy the learning process.MySkool is a learning ecosystem for pre-school children of working parents. Our teaching methodology brings traditional teaching methods to life through various integrated learning strategies, experiential learning environments,s, and technology tools. MySkool teaches life skills, personality development, creative thinking, problem-solving, and sports to help children emerge as confident individuals. Welcome to MySkool. At MySkool, we believe that learning takes place when children engage in activities that keep them focused on the process of learning. Through play, children can learn how to interact with their environment. Here at MySkool, you will find the tools and resources you need to help your child learn at his/her pace. At MySkool, we understand that each child is unique and has his own interests, abilities, and learning style. This is precisely why we have designed our curriculum to be flexible enough to cater to your child's individual development needs from pre-school to the higher classes. At MySkool, we strive to provide a safe and caring environment to give your child the tools he or she needs for a bright, successful future. If you're wondering what basis we use for that claim, then look no further than the set of values that are behind our unique approach. Come and experience a new way of learning with MySkool. A place where a child can develop a strong foundation in all areas of progress - from reading, writing, and counting to building self-confidence, social skills, and trust through play. With MySkool your child will be ready for the future.